When you are in your perfect creative vibe, your writing feels AH-HA-MAZING!

Characters are effortless, words flow, and scenes come out like unrestricted magic. 

And when Writer's Block hits, you are the total and complete opposite of AH-HA-MAZING. You probably feel frustrated, blah, maybe even a little angry with yourself, because you are simply stuck. Stuck in the 'what if...' and the 'how to...' and maybe even in that really ickier place of 'why should I even...' 

Surprisingly, there's even a worse place to be stuck inside of: that of wanting to write and never being able to take the leap at all. If this is your story, I completely understand where you are at because THIS is where I started. 

One of the reasons you are in this stuck space might be that your energetic centers are out of balance.


There are empowering ways to shift back into alignment and when you do so, you will be able to tap into that super creative juice that is capable of rocking your reader's world. You will stand in your unique power, and find your ability to truthfully and effectively communicate all your visions onto paper! 

This is where Silver Pen Creation can work for you

 THIS is what I'm here to guide you into alignment with.

 Silver Pen Creation supports you to move back into creative flow by teaching you how to work within the 7 Chakra levels of your body, mind and spirit. These are derived from ancient thought, referenced in many different cultures around the world, and said to house the energetic (creative) centers of our bodies.  

One of the true shifts in moving forward toward realizing my life's purpose happened when I learned how to connect with my  "I Am" Presence.  I did this through deepening a spiritual awareness with the energetic flow of the 7 Chakras.  

Each of us are absolutely unique in our own way, therefore it is essential for us to learn what only works for us NOT someone else.

By learning how to focus in on these 7 areas, you will experience exactly that. Huge shifts will happen to expand not only your writing life but also your physical, mental and spiritual life in general.  



No matter what path you follow - be it Christianity, Buddhism, Tao, all creativity stems from one SOURCE energy that we are all born from.

When you can connect to this Source magic happens!!!

 It makes sense right?

Where energy flows creation grows!

Next Course Starts October 2017

What this 7 month course includes on top of learning the 7 Chakras

  • Journaling prompts to help you deepen each Chakra area and move this into your writing lives
  • Meditations for each Chakra 
  • Intentional ways you can use to boost your home environment and areas of your life to allow each Chakra to expand. 
  • New ways to recognize and trust yourself  -- listening to that core intuition we sometimes move too far away from when our logical selves take over. 
  • Creating your own personalized Grounding Practice so that when you are ready to write, you are ready to dig down and WRITE
  • A monthly scheduled  50 minute personalized coaching session (Optional times for day or evening provided) 
  • Online community to connect with others in the same journey
  • Optional Question and Answer Call (recorded) twice each month (Times will vary)
  • Email support available for any questions in between coaching and group calls

Who this course is NOT RIGHT for:

  1. Perhaps you are an established author, even a National best seller and already have a perfectly and hugely productive writing practice.  I stand with you and celebrate the success you have achieved. If you are such an author, but still wish to deepen your awareness in regards to the 7 Chakras, feel free to contact me and I am happy to personally work with you in a one-on-one coaching package. 
  2. This course is about being open to trying new things in areas that are less than where you dream of them being. If you need to live within a rigid set of rules, guidelines and boundaries then this type of journey is not meant for you at this time.
  3. If you are looking for an easy quick fix to your writing blocks and struggles then this class is not right for you.  You are going to have to do the work! I am simply here to support you on your journey and guide you to find the shifts that you need to move forward. 

Starting September 2017

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