Hello and Welcome to the Sacral Chakra.

 I'm so happy you have joined in to  learn about this energetic center of your body. Let me just say how cool this area is to work on especially if you are a Writer.

This area houses all of your birth and creativity in one of its most energetic points. After all, the womb is where creation comes from (Male or Female this applies). Once again you have new videos and handouts to guide you during the next days. Challenge yourself to go deeper and be open to those big shifts happening. For myself, the sacral showed up as a huge area of healing to move through at one point of my life. 

Once again, a couple of tips. Where your intention flows energy will flow and remember that there are no firm rules. Explore as you see fit. 



Writing exercises: 

Pick one each week and focus in free writing for 20-30 minutes or express yourself in another creative way. Many of us our multi-creatives: painting, designing, speaking, gardening, drawing, etc... Post your work to our FB group!

  • What does creation, creativity, being creative mean for ONLY me? 
  • Why do I hold back from giving myself permission to create?
  • Where and when do I feel my most sexy, powerful, in my own strength?