This 5 week intensive is going to get down and wicked with realism for where you, as a writer,  are losing the productive time of your day.

Why is this important? Well, whether you are traditionally published and trying to meet a deadlines or an independent author pursuing a dream with your own deadlines, let's face it -- YOU NEED TIME TO WRITE IN. No story means nothing to market with. And let me just get super clear here: if you have no completed manuscript then all the rest is nothing but white noise taking up space in your life. 

It won't matter how many marketing, branding, or how-to-write classes you attend because without a product (your story) there's literally and figuratively  nothing to work with. 

What this intensive includes: 

  • Each week will focus on one area where time loss occurs. In each area we will focus not only on the what, where and logical how but we will dive deeper on what these time losses does to us on an energetic level.

  • Actionable steps you can easily implement in order to improve the available writing space of your day 

  • Facebook support group to connect with others on the same path

  • Email support for questions

  • 2 Optional Question and Answer Call (recorded)  (Times will vary)