I Wasn't Always A Writer

I wasn’t always a story writer.

For those that know I just released my first book over the summer, this might be a big pause for you but it’s true. 

I’ve been the person who lived out stories and fantasies inside her head since childhood. I'm a former nurse, a mom, a mindset and health coach, along with a myriad of other multi-passions. In all that I’ve done, it’s interesting to realize that a form of healing was always at the heart of what I did.

BUT TRUTHFULLY I WAS ALSO THE PERSON WHO SAID I COULD NOT BE A WRITER. The reasons were endless in my head. Oh, I didn’t know what to do. I’d never taken a writing class. I didn’t know the first thing about writing. Who was I to write and put what was in my head to paper when there were SOOOO many other amazing authors and stories out there?!? 

Let me tell you as time went on I denied the urge to write when it came up over and over again with all those same statements. And all of those reasons came from one place: Fear and Ego running their epic circus of fun trying to own me. 

In late 2016, a personal epiphany happened with a book I was reading, along with the energy healers and mentors who I had been working with. The urge to write stories came again and this time: I. SAID. YES!!!

I gave into that urge which had been coming at me for years and put words to paper, pouring out a scene that was in my head. You want to know what happened after that, besides the world not cracking in two? Well, I read that scene back to myself and it didn’t suck. What I had put down Really Didn't Suck and I kept writing and writing and writing. Truly, it was like a champagne bottle that someone had popped the cork out of and years and years of bottled up stories just came flowing out. I’m happy to say that they haven’t stopped. 


Writing gave me clarity in a personal situation I was dealing with at the time, made me a better mom, saved and helped me find strength during the collapse of my marriage and ultimately shifted my life into finding my true ‘I AM’ presence in that this: being an Author, Words Witch, and Healer through story telling was my new life purpose. 

This year not only did I publish one book, The Island, but I also have a second book coming this fall plus a trilogy set for the each of the next two years.

Part of why I am writing this is to encourage you to find your way too if you are struggling to meet your writing dreams. Without the mentorship, coaching and guidance in my life, none of this would have been possible. I’d love to be able to support you on your own journey, to help guide you to the shifts you need inside of you in order to succeed with. 

As part of what I do as a mindset coach, I’m overjoyed to be able to offer a course specifically for writers and those who want to become writers. I'm here to support you to move past the blocks which have been holding you back, step energetically toward a better creative flow and be able to find your absolute truth in your life’s purpose. 

You are invited to check out my new offerings at https://www.miasilverton.com/learnwithme/ for details of the Silver Pen Creation course. The next few months are going to be amazing and I can't wait to work with each of you.

If you are feeling the need for one-on-one support instead please schedule with me for a private coaching call to specifically focus on your personal questions and needs. https://www.miasilverton.com/private-coaching-calls-and-packages