Welcome to Cover Reveal Day for the Island

I'm so excited to share with our Silver Pen Tribe a short excerpt from The Island

Laughter vibrated from him. “I thought maybe you caught that. My apologies.” His deep voice was strong and sure. Maybe he worked in radio or something. “No, we haven’t met yet. I’m Brody. I enjoyed your talk today. You have an interesting and engaging speaking style. Kept my interest go- ing even though I have less than zero interest in social media.”

The way he said it made Cassie blink for a sec- ond. She was thrown off by his blunt dislike of her platform, but he didn’t sound as though he handed out compliments freely and what he’d said was giv- en honestly, without attery. She’d learned to distin- guish the fake praise from the real over the years.

“Thank you. I appreciate your comments and even your lack of appreciation for what social me- dia can do. My team and I work hard to make learn- ing a good experience.”

“It was. I still don’t know exactly how I’ll use what I learned, but it was interesting.” Brody took a sip of what looked like whiskey then nodded toward their friends. “Looks like they like each other.”

Cassie followed his gaze and saw Anna standing so close to Brody’s friend that she might as well have been inside the suit jacket the guy sported over tailored pants. The guy leaned into Anna’s ear and said something that made her throw her head back on a laugh and slide her hand up his arm in a gesture that was anything but casual.

Warning bells went off in Cassie’s head. Anna would follow her heart and whatever mystical vibe she was feeling at the time, even if it did occasion- ally land her in trouble. The infatuated sparkle in her eyes was obvious—even from this distance.

Turning back to Brody, Cassie offered an apology. “You’ll have to excuse me. I’m going to go get that drink.”

She gathered her clutch and walked toward the bar. Intent on rescuing Anna from her own friendly self, Cassie missed an inebriated partygoer stum- bling out of the crowd until the last second when he crashed right into her. Her heels did nothing to stabilize her as she stumbled and started to fall, only to be caught at the last second by a strong arm that wrapped around her waist and brought her up against a long muscular frame and broad male chest. Letting out a gasp, Cassie looked up. Lights ashed brightly with the band’s music, and for that second, she was caught in the most vivid green eyes she’d ever seen.

“Best be careful. Party’s getting a little wild,” Brody cautioned with warmth dancing across his handsome face. At least, he now seemed hand- some, with those green eyes framed by thick dark brows, high cheekbones, and full lips twisted in a sensual look aimed only for her.

Reality slammed back in just as fast as it had own away. She was being held by a virtual strang- er, every single inch of them pressed intimately together. Cassie quickly disentangled herself from him, straightening her jacket as she moved. “Thank you for helping. I’m sure I would have fallen. Excuse me.”

She hurried off, ignoring how strange she’d felt while being held by a man she didn’t know. So close and firm against him that she could still feel the heat from his body.

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